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So it all happened in India  July 3, 2012 – 05:32 pm
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According to press reports, the problems that have caused so much trouble to so many customers of RBS banking group were caused by an inexperienced operative who was based in Hyderabad India and is thought to have wiped information during a routine software upgrade. It is believed that some of the team responsible for the error were recruited in India following redundancies in the UK. Unions here at less than pleased and are already pointing the finger at outsourcing designed to save the bank money. The unions claim that Indian staff is paid as little as £9, 000, compared with £50, 000 their British counterparts.

It would appear that the error, although resolved last Friday, affected 17 million customers and it created a massive backlog of transactions running into a 100 million plus. All the deleted information had to be re-entered into the system, a very lengthy process with inevitable consequences. An un-named person who has worked for RBS for many years said that “when they did the back-out, a major error was made.” RBS have not yet commented on the claims.

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RBS and NatWest

5 November 2011
RBS and NatWest customers hit by maintenance glitch
RBS and NatWest customers have been unable to check accounts online because of problems caused by maintenance work, the Royal Bank of Scotland has said.
Problems arose after the maintenance work went wrong and meant account balances were not updated overnight.
Some accounts have not been c... London stock exchange">Bank of Scotland hopes to resolve the issue within hours.
The bank said: "Our ATM and card payment systems are operational and the majority of our customers are using these as normal.
"There have been problems affecting online and telephone banking but we have a good understanding of the issues and are making good progress with our recovery plans.

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Message to Customers from Stephen Hester RBS Group Chief Executive.

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  • Avatar gsquared Online banking - fake emails?
    Jan 16, 2010 by gsquared | Posted in Security

    I have just checked my junk email folder and I have received emails from NatWest, Halifax and Santander, all saying that access to my account have been restricted due to too many log in attempts. Although, I do not currently bank with any of these companies. Has anyone else received these emails? And are they phishing scams or something? Thanks!

    • I have received a number of emails from a number of diferent bogus banks of the same & a similar nature to urs.I forwarded the emails to the banks in question.The r comon.In my case they did not have any access to any …been blocked from someone else reporting them so the link to clik into doesnt work anyway but its best that banks r informed as much as possible when people r getting these.Best way is to delete them without opening them.