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Rate alert: Coventry ups the ante with top-paying account  July 3, 2012 – 05:33 pm
Startguthaben beim Bank of Scotland Tagesgeldkonto weiterhin für ...


Last week the Co-operative Bank increased the rates on its fixed-rate savings, making all three bonds on offer market leaders. The one-year bond pays 3.5pc, the two-year bond pays 3.75pc and the three-year bond pays 4pc.

The minimum balance is £1, 000 and for those who are looking for regular income from their deposits, savers can elect to have interest paid monthly. You can apply in branch, by post, online or by phone on 0800 028 4470.


“This is an aggressive move from the Co-operative Bank, which now occupies number one slot in the fixed-rate savings market for one, two and three-year terms, ” said Andrew Hagger, spokesman at Moneynet.co.uk.

“With the growing level of bad feeling towards some of the high street banking giants in the last couple of weeks, this is perfect timing from a provider which has long been respected for its ethical stance, ” he said.


Cheshire Building Society has launched a new version of its Direct Cash Isa (Issue 4) paying 3pc. Available for those with a minimum of £1, 000, this rate includes a bonus of 2pc until January 31, 2014 and transfers in are not permitted. Balances below £1, 000 earn a rate of 0.25pc, however withdrawals are not restricted.

Source: samoney.biz

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Looking for a Good offshore bank account.

The fall of the American Dollar is pissing me off! Does anyone know of a bank (preferable in Europe)that offers student banking for international people. Im a student so i dont have a lot of money to throw around. I have checked UBS, HBCS, and The Royal bank of Scotland they dont offer what im looking for. Im looking for a place that offers a cheap or free account, online banking, and international deposits. Hope i can find one soon, George Soros has already Damned the dollar.

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  • Avatar Marcie I How do you add another card to your Bank of Scotland account?
    May 21, 2011 by Marcie I | Posted in Personal Finance

    I have looked everywhere and I can't find a link to simply adding another card to my account like how you add one to Paypal. I looked at Halifax secure as it said you can add multiple cards to it but I don't know if it' …o didn't know how to enter my account number as there were too many boxes and it didn't tell me how. Is there another version of safe online banking that I can use for my Santander Debit Visa??? All help appreciated :D

    • Easiest thing is to go into your bank and ask them - especially as you don't seem to know how to even enter an account number. A debit card is linked to a bank account. A debit card is basically an electronic cheque. There is no online banking facility you can use with your Santander debit card other than the official Santander website. The reference to Bank of Scotland is mystifying