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Online Banking – Why Bank Online?  July 3, 2012 – 07:22 pm
... announces £1.2bn profit but we've seen £20bn loss - Mirror Online

With the widespread availability of high speed Internet in our everyday life, most if not all financial institutions started offering online banking to their customers, while many customers took them on that offer. There must be some reasons for folks making the switch to online banking, but what are they?

The first and foremost reason to embrace it is the fact that using an online bank saves you time. You no longer need to go to your bank branch to check your account balance. Most simple transactions, such as money transfers, can also be done through your bank’s online interface. Access to easy online bills payments means that you will no longer be behind on bills and will be able to pay them faster and in a more organized manner. And, of course, online banking allows you to access your bank account anytime you need it, so you will no longer need to rely on your bank branch’s business hours.

Another great reason to get started is the money that you could save. While we all know that time is money, online banking literally helps you save money in addition to your time, since many banking institutions offer low-cost or fee-less online-only banking accounts. For example, customers of many banks might get a completely no-fee account, while others could get access to unlimited online transactions of all types for a low monthly fee, while in yet other cases they might receive a higher-than-usual interest rate on their savings accounts. The specifics vary from one financial institution to another, but as a general rule banks can afford to give all those goodies because they spend less on maintaining the online banking infrastructure as opposed to their regular office branches that have to be manned with tellers, security systems, etc….

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Memoirs of a banking-house
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G-20 London Protest

Chanting G-20 protesters clashed with riot police in central London on Wednesday, overwhelming police lines, vandalizing the Bank of England and smashing windows at the Royal Bank of Scotland. An effigy of a banker was set ablaze, drawing cheers.
More than 30 people were arrested after some 4,000 anarchists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and others clogged London's fina...smash one of the blacked-out branch windows. One protester dressed as the Easter bunny managed to hop through the police cordon but was stopped before he could reach the Bank of England. Another black-clad demonstrator waved a light-saber toy at officers.
Sporadic protests rumbled on into the evening, as the rowdier elements tangled with riot police, tossing barricades and hurling bottles.

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